Impact 2023 - Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas
Principal/Founder at Approaching One
About Adam Thomas

What can we learn by following our curiosity, embracing the unknown, and creating amidst chaos? 

This is the question that propels Adam Thomas’s career as a technologist, product expert, and all-around thinker and creator. His answer so far? We can learn that our potential is limitless and we have an amazing array of options for living, working, and playing better.  

Seizing every opportunity to dive deep into these topics and more, Adam regularly holds his signature workshop on product strategy, management, and leadership, publishes his newsletter on all things tech- and product-related, and is frequently booked as a speaker on podcasts, conferences, and other forums dedicated to bright ideas and big possibilities. 

Situating the world of products within the contexts of culture and behavioral psychology, Adam breaks down technical subject matter into easy-to-grasp concepts, illuminating the insights that tech leaders, product developers, and brands can use to do more and do better when it comes to their product decisions. 

Do You Have A Strategy That No One Uses? Leverage Strategic Custody
Product Management
Level: Intermediate
In schedule:
Impact Stage
October 5, 14:00 - 14:45 CET

What happens after you build a strategy? If you aren't careful - it can end up just a piece of paper that no one references. Much like a tree that falls in the forest, what happens if it doesn't make a sound?This is why Strategy Custody is important. How your strategy travels and affects the people who are effected by it is the difference between an alive strategy, and a dead one. In thi...