Impact 2023 - Melissa Perri
Melissa Perri
Founder & Lead Instructor at Product Institute
About Melissa Perri

Melissa Perri is a strategic advisor, author, and board member that works with leaders at Fortune 500 companies and SAAS scale ups to enable growth through building impactful product strategies and organizations. In 2018 she wrote the industry-acclaimed book "Escaping the Build Trap". Currently, Melissa is the CEO and founder of Produx Labs, which offers e-learning for product people through Product Institute and CPO Accelerator. She is as a board advisor for Labster and Dragonboat, and a former board member of Forsta (acquired by Press Ganey in 2022). In 2019, Melissa was appointed to the faculty of Harvard Business School to teach Product Management in the MBA program. She has consulted with dozens of companies to transform their product organizations, including Insight Partners, Capital One, Vanguard, Walmart/Sam's Club. In her free time, you can find her trying to finish her house renovations before something else breaks.

Beyond the Build Trap
Product Management
Level: General
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Impact Stage
October 5, 09:40 - 10:40 CET

Over the past decade, many companies have made great strides in delivering software, and convincing their companies to turn to Product Management to get out of the Build Trap. But, so many of these companies get stuck putting these practices into place so that the entire business is working together to become product led. In this talk, Melissa will address the most common issues companies face onc...