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October 5, 16:00 - 16:45 CET
Product Oops - Common mistakes in Product Operations and how you can avoid them
Product Management
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In a world increasingly preoccupied with cost effectiveness, few of us have the luxury to work with dedicated Product Operations staff. However, all that work still needs to get done...

Whether you're a product leader navigating the muddy waters post-layoffs, or whether you're an individual contributor just looking to make your own work a little easier - at some point you'll have to do some Ops work, whether it's explicitly part of your job description or not. But how do you do it successfully?

I've spent the past three years working with companies of all sizes to operationalise how they get things done, and I know what works - and what doesn't. I’m here to share the mistakes I made while introducing new processes, frameworks, and tools with you so that you don't have to make them yourself. Let me help you navigate the world of Ops with concrete tips and tricks - all hard earned from my own mistakes. 

From 'doing Ops' strategically and staying ruthlessly lean, to learning how to work with individuals that are less than happy, this talk will give you the low-down on what it really means to do Ops work - with or without the title.

Impact 2023 - Antonia Landi
Antonia Landi
Product Operations Consultant & Coach

Antonia is a Product Operations Consultant and Coach, and one of the top voices in European Product Operations. She’s a firm believer in enabling product organisations to achieve Product Excellence with the power of Product Ops - whether as an independent function or a shared responsibility. A leader in her field, she’s on a constant mission to enable Product teams to do their best work by pr...