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October 6, 09:10 - 10:10 CET
Product-led Growth, less talking, more showing
Product Management
Level: Intermediate

Product-led Growth is no more a fad, it's starting to become a tablestake in tech since It's so incredibly efficient in acquiring users compared to what sales-led growth has to offer.

But it's much more than just freemiums and trials.

I will show you why that is the case, in which markets what works best, and how we can turn it into a thing that has an impact internally and with our customers: product-led sales. The combination of the best acquisition methods out there scores with transparency and how to differentiate what we have by taking away as much risk as possible from our customers.

We cannot afford anymore to get this wrong.

Impact 2023 - Leah Tharin
Leah Tharin
Growth & Scale Advisor at B2B

Leah Tharin is a leading Growth Advisor for scaling B2B companies. She was the former Head of Product at Deindeal, Jua and lead the core product at Smallpdf with over 50 million monthly active users. She is a program creator, lecturer, executive coach and advisor to company leadership and funds around product-led growth, scaling and product-led sales....