Gabriel Straub

Gabriel Straub

head of data science and architecture at BBC


Gabriel is the Head of Data Science and Architecture at the BBC where his role is to help make the organisation more data informed and to make it easier for product teams to build data and machine learning powered products. He is a Honorary Senior Research Associate at UCL where his research interests focus on the application of data science on the retail and media industries. He also advises start-ups and VCs on data and machine learning strategies.

He was previously the Data Director at and Head of Data Science at Tesco. His teams have worked on a diverse range of problems from search engines, recommendation engines, pricing optimisation, to vehicle routing problems and store space optimisation.

Gabriel has a MA (mathematics) from Cambridge and a MBA from London Business School. 


It's bigger on the inside


My talk today will not really cover technology; it will not really cover data; and it will not really cover algorithms. 
And still I will be talking about data science and machine learning. 
I will be talking about what I think is key to productionised success in this space: organisation and culture.