Matthew Schumpert

Matthew Schumpert

Director of Product Management at Cloudera


Matt is a 15 year veteran enterprise software, steering B2B platforms towards product/market fit while filling a variety of product management, sales engineering & strategic alliances roles.  Matt has worked at 10-persons startups and global industry juggernauts the in US and Europe, including Oracle, BEA Systems, Datameer and ILOG.  Currently, Matt drives Cloudera's core platform product strategy in the areas of cluster management, resource management, data ingestion and backup.  Matt holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Virginia.


“Open core” platform product management: Riding the tides and building symbiotic relationships to generate maximum value for users


Buyers of high-priced enterprise software tend to be risk-averse and are classically used to proprietary, close-source and vendor-developed products that give them the maximum cover against the high risk of failure in a large IT project, and give them “one throat to choke” in case the product fails them.  But as the location of software innovation has shifted into the open source domain, even conservative customers must select an increasingly open-source stack to remain competitive in delivering applications to their business line customers.   How can product teams then deliver platforms that strike the right balance of value and risk for the operator.  How can engineering teams ride waves of innovation by adopting projects backed by hundreds of freelance and professional contributors, and then reliably support, as experts, the software they didn’t fully write?  How do the politics, rules, mechanics, and long vetting processes involved in open source development change and complicated the job of engineers and their managers.  Where does selling support for open source tools end and selling subscription-licensed software begin?   Tackling all of these challenges is central to using what has become the premier strategy for delivering enterprise software today: an ‘open core’ strategy.  Learn how Cloudera has successfully implemented this strategy to build a multi-billion dollar business, providing some of the largest and most conservative organizations in the world with cutting edge open source technology, while operating and being perceived like a traditional enterprise software vendor.