Daniel Thomason

Daniel Thomason

Daniel Thomason

Product Manager at Google


Daniel is a product manager at Google working on contactless payments, helping people around the world access the security and convenience of paying with their phone or smart watch. He was previously the AML product manager at Wise, working on machine learning models to defeat financial crime in a cost-effective way.

Daniel started his career as a central bank economist before an adventure as an escape room founder showed him a love for bringing products to life – he's been addicted to the experience ever since!


This isn't even my final form: the PM job is very different depending on the company stage

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Have you ever talked to a PM from another company and wondered if you and they really have the same job? Sure, your title is the same, and you both talk to engineers a lot, but that's where the similarity seems to end.

This is not a bug, but a feature of the job: being a PM is a very different role at a tiny startup vs an established company, and the stages in between. Knowing this gives you another factor to consider when planning your career.

In this talk, Daniel – who has been a PM at companies of every stage and size – will walk you through some of the differences, what it means for your success as a PM, and the pitfalls to avoid as your company evolves towards the next stage.