What To Expect

Impact Conference is all about keeping you up to date on the latest trends in product discovery and delivery, led by some of the most inspirational practitioners and thought leaders in the industry.

Our goal is to inspire you, and give you clear takeaways you can apply right away to have more impact on your users and the business.

What makes Impact so special?

🔊We invite the top-tier speakers from diverse companies like Google, Microsoft and Meta who cover the most trending, wide range of product management topics, technologies and ideas.

🤩Our strong community can inspire you to grow and improve your team. We bring together over 300 international professionals whom you can network with during the conference days.

🎥We provide most of the talks and their materials to you after the conference so you can share all the gained skills directly with your colleagues or anyone interested.

📍The conference is organized in the heart of the wonderful city of Budapest.