Osnat (Os) Benari

Osnat (Os) Benari

Osnat (Os) Benari

Co-Founder & CPO at Dragons Can Fly


Os is a product creator and an active mentor for startups and product professionals. She's a fractional CPO and consults at DragonCanFly a Web3 strategy and creative agency. Previously, she was at Diligent as the SVP of Product Management. Os was on the founding team of WeWork Labs, building its worldwide physical and digital experiences. She spent her 20+ years in various product roles, including leading product partnerships for BBG Ventures and the product and innovation groups for Verizon, AOL Video, and Studios. She serves on the Advisory Board for Audioburst, on CS at Hunter College in NYC, and is an advocate for resilience and mental health in the workplace. Her book, Starting from Scratch, will be published in 2022.


Your Guide to Starting from Scratch


Today more than ever, it's essential to know how to reinvent yourself and start from scratch.

Whether it's a result of the pandemic, the following growth, and extreme hiring pace, or the recent layoff wave, it means that as an individual, your workplace keeps changing, and you must stay ahead in order not just to survive the workplace but thrive, grow and be happy.

This talk will cover the starting from scratch six-step model and inspire you to own a #startingfromscratch mentality, which will serve you when planning your next career move or reinventing yourself in a workspace you no longer recognize.