Yasmin Desai

Yasmin Desai

Yasmin Desai

Product Lead at Wayflyer


Yasmin is an experienced product leader managing teams in scale up companies.

She has built multiple product teams, created product visions and set product strategies in all the companies I've worked in. She is incredibly passionate about hiring, developing PMs and creating the foundation for them to go on and become world class product managers. Yasmin's approach to product is strategic and sometimes against the grain. Outside of her full time role, you’ll find Yasmin teaching courses, helping people to transition their career path into product management. 


How to get your first product role


Product Manager roles are high in demand but the candidate pool of people aspiring to become one is even higher. Recently companies have understood the impact of having product managers and are making the switch to bring in more, especially with there being more Product-Led Growth companies. 

How do you stand out? How do you compete in a market where almost every role asks for 2 years experience, and once you’ve landed the role how do you keep it?! 

This talk will go through some unconventional methods to land your perfect product role.