Impact 2023 - Viktor Nagy
Viktor Nagy
Product Manager at GitLab
About Viktor Nagy

Viktor joined GitLab, an all-remote company in the DevSecOps space, in 2019, before the outbreak of the pandemic. He is a seasoned product person who managed to adapt various product techniques to the remote nature of the XXI. century.

The four tenets of remote product management
Product Management
product management
Level: General
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Impact Stage
October 6, 15:40 - 16:25 CET

I joined GitLab in mid-2019, back then the biggest all-remote company in the world. For four months, I was highly sceptical that one could do product right in an all-remote setting. Two more months later, the pandemic started, and everyone had to adjust. While the pandemic might be over, for many of you, one change it brought is a strong push towards being remote.In this talk, I would like to shar...